Whether you want to play casino online games, roulette, blackjack or poker, you can do so from the comfort of your home. You’ll enjoy a genuine casino experience while being able to chat with other players and the dealer. And you don’t even have to dress up!

The main difference between live casino games and standard casino games is that the dealer deals cards, shoots dice, and spins a roulette wheel. This is done through a live stream, which is transmitted via a webcam. The game is recorded and then broadcast in real time. The video feed is encoded and encrypted so the experience is completely safe and protected. The live stream also incorporates optical character recognition, which digitally recognizes all of the characters on the cards.

The best live casino operators use a professional streaming studio to broadcast their games. These studios are set up in different locations around the world. The directors monitor the live chat between the dealer and the player and test the equipment used.

A wide angle camera is used to capture the dealer. A second camera focuses on the dealer and the game. The director monitors the chat for any lag and can quickly adjust the speed of the game to fix it.

The best operators also partner with companies like Evolution and Ezugi. These companies are known for their quality and range of games. Their software controls the fair dealing of the games and the responsiveness of the video feed. The software also manages the seamless user experience.

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